First Step

by TRUS!

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Listen to debut TRUS! album "First Step", which will come out on 14th March 2013 on Moonlee Records & Založba Radio Študent.


released March 14, 2013

Recorded and mixed in January-February 2013 by Jure Vlahovič in studio Radio Študent, Ljubljana.
Mastering by Neven Smolčič (Fabrika 13) in March 2013.



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TRUS! Ljubljana, Slovenia

TRUS! is 45% Alter, 20% Garage, 17% Punk, 10% Synth, 8% Electro NewWave

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Track Name: Come On
I hate it when you look at me like 'hey, what's the matter with you?
the sun is screaming for us to go out and walk around in woods

so, why are you being so difficult?

pick up your clothes and let's walk till the edge of the hill
let's get some air, catch some sun, pick some apples on the way

come on, come on

In spite of all you've put me through we've managed to come pretty far
I say you look amazing and all you do is call me a liar

So, why are you being so difficult?

i make a stand, take your hand and we start running down the hill
we cross the brook, scare some birds, with you it all feels surreal

come on come on
Track Name: Blue
When I looked at the sky
my eyes became blue
You think it's a joke
But, beleve me, it's a true.

I was sitting there
on the top of the world
without wings and special care
thet I felt something changed
something happend with my hair

Then I looked my hands,
my face , my shirt, my shoe
and beleve me, all I saw
was a colour of blue

I'm not so sure
where that happened,
in the sky or on the earth
but I'm sitting here
on the top of the world
can you hear how blue is my scream

Here I am in front of you
And you can see that I'm not blue
But beleve me, it's a true
Yesterday I was blue

I'm not so sure
how that happened,
in this song or in my dream
but now it's clear and now I know
how it feals to be blue
Track Name: Whale Song
Some say sunset
some write sunrise
but it really doesn't matter
because we live under water

some of us glow
some of us blow
some of us kill
but some of us fly

fish fly, why can't I

aging octopus
is waving its tentacles
you can see what he means
the sea is full of predators

they're coming from the left
they're coming from the right
some of us die
and the rest of us fly

fish fly, why can't I
Track Name: Calling For Reason
My mind is a house of cards
A few are left for playing
Every now and every then you can see
One of them flying

In a hat, in a hat
In your head, in your head

It's as if, it's as if
I wreck it when I see it
This was it, this was it
Should I understand it?

Want to bild my own boat
To leave without returning
To dream my own dream
without anyone noticing

Wake up, wake up
calling for reason
wake up, wake up
calling for reason

It's as if, it's as if
I wreck it when I see it
This was it, this was it
Should I understand it?

Wake up, wake up
Track Name: Askew
Soft inside and built to last forever,
reach the moon and throw away the ladder,
far away but easy to discover,
morph into particles made of you

Askew … how i'm supposed to be
Askew … how you perceive me
Askew … how you're supposed to be
Like vines and trees tenacious and free

Bloodlines carving canions, meticulously
mothers fathers, sons and daughters,
moving on together, courageously
melting into one another.

Askew … how i'm supposed to be
Askew … how you perceive me
Askew … how you're supposed to be
Like vines and trees, tenacious and free
Track Name: Song From Jupiter
I'm walking on Jupiter
do you see what i see?
a thousand trees wrapped in paper
their shadows following me

I thought the planet was deserted
but i was wrong, you see
I meet a girl along the crater
and this is what she sings!

She takes me by the hand
we walk thru the blue leaves
i see a village by the river
i hear her people sing!

They say they're all connected
but they have nothing to eat
they learned this song from a visitor
it gives them all they need!

Lets do what we have to do
Let's fight like we used to do
Can you hear me, lets come together
It might get loud, it might get loud!

This is a fist fight
Roll up your sleeves
This is a right time
It has to be loud!
Track Name: Tenderness
To be amazed with that thing
Something so quickly parish away
Every tenderness ends like that
In waves, disappointed, full of emotions.

Like early spring on the top of the trees
Like young leaves green and soft
She's born just for this moment
Without past, with no future

I want her forever
I need her everlastingly
But tenderness like freshness
Only takes a bit
Track Name: Effect of the First Step
From an early age I've been aware
of the consequences of my first step
I know that every step of mine
surely affects the following events

That's why I'm walking
never looking back
still walking, without stopping
just walk far away

Don't want to see what happend
What's new, and who was there
Just give me back my shoes
that I can walk from here away